the blog

Soon, on this very site, will be a blog that has been a long-time coming.

The goal is to share things the Holy Spirit has been speaking, updates on the ministry in Ukraine, as well as thoughts on life in general.

Topics might be: Jesus, Star Wars, Refugees, Cross-Cultural Conundrums, Orphans, Coffee, and finding joy in everyday life! 🙂

Come back soon when this site is fully operational!


One Reply to “the blog”

  1. LeAnn, Mike Farrell here, girl on fire, Hummmmmmmm, Hunger Games, so points to the direction of intention from the prince of the power of the air. If you will note; all our current communications travel the air waves, can it be usurped ? There is much behind the manifestations which the prince is using to delude people from contact with the True PRINCE of PEACE. I so revel in your bring forth of HIS accomplishment among all those whom HE came to this little speck in the universe to seek and save. A girl on fire, yes indeed……………………..


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