The beginning


Lately, a lot of people have been asking what has happened to me.  They comment how much I’ve changed since a year ago.  I can’t say that I have a specific answer, other than there is a fresh burning hunger and desire for Jesus in my heart.  I can point it back to one journal entry, that I refer to as my breaking point.  When I finally put down in words things I’d been sensing for a while.

September 27, 2015

“I am not satisfied just singing songs, good songs even, or listening to “nice” messages.  This isn’t life-giving.  I long for the fire of God to cleanse our hearts and minds and for the glory of God to consume us!  A holy fire!  A holy passion! Rivers of living water!  Life-giving, life-changing, freedom-bearing, healing waters.  Miracles!  A stirring up of PASSION FOR THE LORD, HIS WAYS!  HIS NATURE!  HIS CHARACTER!  A leaving behind of this world.  Bringing Heaven to Earth.  Come Lord!  Change us!  Change me!  Light me on fire and let me burn up for You!  Help me know You more and be a witness to many.  There is a breaking in my heart.  I can’t do “normal” church anymore – I want your normal Jesus!  Holy Spirit fall, move, and pour out wave upon wave.”

That is my explanation for what has happened to me.  I’m not satisfied until I see a truly normal expression of Christianity being manifested around me.  And I desire to see people awakened in their spirits to the enormity of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

3 Replies to “The beginning”

  1. Hi LeAnn, Mike Farrell here. Well after spending most of the day with your father last Saturday, attending to one of the liberties still available to us, republican county caucus, we went to lunch, milles fleet farm (cat food, in bulk) and a grocery store for people food. From reading your first appearance to me from your site, I understand your father’s words to me on the way home, “she is not a minister, or pastor, she is an evangelist . from your recognition date of “change” ties in very secure of your purpose for which you are sent forward. Tradition leaves very much to be desired. Every action which we under take in obedience, and guidance by the Spirit is an act of Worth Ship. Singing may develop, praising may also. A word of knowledge (perhaps, the sermon?) It should all come from everyone present and not directed from a pulpit or hand out with agenda printed. Site is asking me to log in; don’t recall doing that first time I sent, must I?


  2. Me again, second this morning, just remembered something else from years past. Paul Martin gave me a book to read, “God’s Lions must be Free.” Can’t remember authors name. One of his main tenets, ” the bricks are killing the church.” Got to construct an edifice, temple, tower of bebal, etc. so that we are recognized. Wrong, our living life is the only bible some will read or come in contact with. Also, the assembling together of ourselves; everyone should be able to participate, along with Jesus’ Words to do this in reminder of Him. I and Paul went to the Session(Elders of Presbyterian church) to seek permission to start a second meeting before regular start time. Granted. The first meeting was scary no one knew what to do, no leader? What? Only four present? Yes. Just as per plan! Started out with, “nice weather is it not, etc. “Let us pray”, said another. Not everyone did. No music? Response, ” Who can tickle the keys on piano or organ? Which songs? “Anyone you choose!” It took a month of Sundays to develop and it did. After three months, the Board of Elders voted to close this service down. WHY? there are too many holes in the pews, We want to have everyone together. To put it mildly, flatulent. The Spirit was quenched.


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