Loving me

Often times I tell people that I love myself and it offends them.  It must be because they don’t love themselves and wonder how I would have the audacity to do such a thing.

But I do love myself, even though I am far from perfect.  Even though I have a tiny little bird mouth and not big beautiful lips like Liv Tyler – I still love me.

After all, Jesus loves me with an everlasting love.  And IF HE LOVES ME – what right do I have to not love myself?  I am fearfully and wonderfully made!  Wonderful are His works!  Psalms 139:14.  I am one of those works!

In light of this truth, I humbly confess that I am pretty amazing.

I’m sorry if that offends your heart – but if you know me – you know that I do love myself (in a healthy measure.)

I can even give a list of things I like about myself and am thankful for:

–   My sense of humor.  If you don’t find me funny, that’s okay, I will still make myself laugh! 🙂

  • I love my laugh!  It is very distinct.
  • I have beautiful bright eyes.
  • I appreciate that I am able to find joy in the simplest of things.  I.e.  Stars, sunsets, rain clouds, even a bouncy ball.  I am simply amused.
  • I also appreciate that my brain works in such a way that when I lay down to go to sleep at night – I go to sleep!  It’s extremely rare that I lay awake at night thinking and worrying.
  • I love how Father God made me a passionate person.  That I have the ability to feel so deeply!  That I worship with all my might!  (Maybe the passion causes me to look weird at times, but that’s okay – I don’t care!)
  • I love that Jesus made me a preacher and entrusts me with a Word for others that inspires, convicts, and encourages!

There is more I could probably say.  But that is enough!  Can you make a list of things you love about yourself?

Truth be told, there are definitely things I want to change, and can change, about myself.  I would like to be more patient, not overreact, be more attentive to details, and a different jeans size!  In spite of that, I still love me!  Just as I am!  And I am confident the Holy Spirit will continue to help me change both my soul and my body!  (Although my tiny mouth will always be tiny!)

Over the years, I have learned to love me as I am.  Imperfect yet amazing.  I used to think I’d like myself better when my character changed more or when my dress size was a smaller number.  But I realized that was ludicrous!  It’s just like saying, “I’ll be happy when I make more money.  Or when I have my own family.  Or when I own a new car.”  That’s also ridiculous!  You will never be happy or have joy in your life if you live like that.  It’s the same with loving yourself.

If Jesus loves you as you are, how dare we not love ourselves too!  When you receive the perfect love of the Father, it chases out the fear, it vanquishes the shame, it sets you free!

If you don’t love yourself – I pray the love of Jesus fills your heart right now!  That it breaks off all shame and judgement and helps you like and love yourself as the wonderful creation He made you to be.  The apple of His eye! 🙂

Little me

3 Replies to “Loving me”

  1. We are told to love one another just as we love ourselves, how many times is that written? Apparently, those whom take objection to love of self are not well versed and in dire need of greater instruction. The evil one still has sway within the individuals understanding of being in the world, but not of the world. So much to learn, Lord help us to comprehend that which the Spirit wishes to impart………..


  2. This is most likely out of place, as regards subject matter, but, only place I found to insert.( not too technical)
    Tim Peterson, Fred, and John, plus myself were out yesterday(March 18) to view a go-cart for purchase. Going thru Somerset Wisc. the marque on the front of a church announcing the Sunday sermon, proclaimed: Worship as a Warrior! That which I read is still with today and from over night. What thoughts!!! Trying to place those words into a context of application. Far reaching thoughts…….close reaching thoughts…………. boiled down to: Yes, we are in the LORDS Army.


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