There’s never not a wave

Recently I spent a week on the beach in Florida.  The second night there, a huge storm rolled through.  The storm surge came up high enough to go all the way across the road and cause some damage.  Needless to say, the following day the surf was incredibly rough!  The beach almost disappeared under the massive waves.  It was impressive to watch the waves pounding the beach.  I was in awe of the power of the waves and reminded of Psalms 42:7:

“Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; all Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.” 


Just a few days after the big storm, I went for a walk along the beach at night time.  Gone were the massive waves.  In fact, the ocean looked like glass!  It was so calm and still, there wasn’t a ripple to be seen on the water.  As I was walking along, the Holy Spirit told me to stop, be still, and stand by the edge of the water.  It was so peaceful.  As I stood there, it hit me that even though the water was completely still, right on the shoreline, the tiniest waves would still occasionally break.  They were tiny waves, calm waves, quiet, little waves – but they were still there.  The waves never stopped.  Even though there were no breakers out at sea, even though the ocean looked like glass, there was still movement beneath the surface that produced waves.

That’s when the Holy Spirit spoke to me again and He said, “There’s never not a wave.”

There’s never not a wave.  Even in the times where it seems like nothing is happening in life, there is still a wave.  Another wave of His love, of His wisdom, of His peace, of His hope, of His presence.  There’s always another wave.  Calm, consistent, it continues on.  Sometimes the waves pound us and over take us, like after the storm.  But even in the times when it seems like there isn’t another wave coming – it is!  There is always another wave!  He never stops moving just like the ocean never stops moving.  The waves keep coming.  Sometimes you just have to stop and stand still to even hear or see the wave, but it is always there!

Just remember that, in whatever place you find yourself, there’s never not a wave!

(For those of you worried about grammar, I know double negatives are not proper in English, but in Russian they are perfectly acceptable.)

One Reply to “There’s never not a wave”

  1. LeAnn, I was once on a beach in Florida, back in 1969, when a hurricane was coming ashore, the waves were crashing and the sea sky filled with thunder and lighting; stepping out into the surf, only ankle deep, beware of the rip tide said to self. It happened, in an instant, up to my shoulders in water swelling. Ahhhhhhhh……….. I was on sinking sand. In an instant! All inflection towards the Gospel is intended here. It was not until 19 years later that this account made itself perfectly clear; without the ROCK we are on sifting sand. Thank HIM for the Spirit which does indeed guide and direct, even before election.(Recognize any Calvin here?) There are so many times that the object of HIS delight is me, myself and I. Once captured by that Spirit we in turn delight in the same pursuit, here I come ready or not! By that same Spirit, pursuit, tag, you are it(will you accept Jesus?) I do not wish to make this appear as a game. But, where is your eternity? This pursuit has been watered by the blood of Jesus and many of the saints to give new life, there is only one direction, The hounds of heaven pursuit the trumpet which gathers in the flock of GOD.. To be a laborer, is there any other choice? Think not. Enjoy your day dear woman…….Mike


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